brain-boosting tips

Brain-boosting tips that will make your tummy happy

We all want a healthy brain. Unfortunately, just like the muscles in our body, our brains may atrophy if not given a cognitive workout. For stroke awareness month, we’ve come up with tummy-pleasing ways to help keep your brain functioning at its best. Feeding your brain is important, too. Our brain-boosting tips include adding more gray-matter-pleasing foods to your diet, such as cold-water fish, richly pigmented fruits and Malaysian sustainable palm oil.

Challenge your taste buds
Give your brain and your taste buds some exercise by trying to identify the individual ingredients in your meals. Can you guess each herb and spice? Grab a bag of jelly beans and close your eyes. See if you can determine the flavor of each candy piece by taste alone.

Buy a new cookbook or take a cooking class
Learning a new cuisine or recipe involves many parts of the brain and a number of your senses, too. Try one of the hottest food trends: Malaysian cuisine. A new cookbook or cooking class will help give you the confidence to experiment in the kitchen. You may also learn some new vocabulary, which is another brain-booster.

Double or triple a recipe in your head
If you use recipes found on the Internet, don’t use their calculator to alter the recipe size. Doing the math in your head will sharpen your mental skills. You can also give your brain a workout by testing your recall. Instead of constantly referring to your shopping list, tuck it away and see if you can remember your entire list before heading to the checkout lines.

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Eat some brain-supporting foods
Eating the right foods nourishes your brain and may protect it from stroke damage. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as tuna and salmon help with cognitive and behavioral functions. Darker colored fruits and vegetables, such as blueberries and cranberries, are rich in antioxidants which help guard against age-related disease. Malaysian sustainable palm oil is rich in tocotrienols which studies suggest help protect the brain’s nerve cells, potentially limiting damage if you have a stroke, as well as accelerating recovery.

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