Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. You can start by swapping some of the foods you already eat with better-for-you choices. This can help improve your health, and the health of your family. Smart choices may even help our environment. When I appeared on Baltimore’s Fox 45 Morning News, I suggested swapping trans fat-laden spreads for Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This brain-healthy food swap is for an oil that is naturally trans fat-free.

I specialize in weight loss. I often hear from people who are struggling to eat better and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I tell them not to take food choices personally. It’s not about good versus bad. Food doesn’t decide what kind of person you are. But, if you want the number on the scale to move down, you need to make healthier choices.

Whether you are at home or eating out, no one should be putting buttery spreads with trans fats on their bread. Most trans fat is produced through an industrial process that adds hydrogen to oil. Trans fat may lead to heart disease. A better choice is wholesome Malaysian palm oil. You can buy this cooking oil in specialty grocery stores. Palm oil is also an ingredient in many healthy foods, such as Smart Balance spreads. Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a phenomenal gift from Mother Nature. Its vitamin E tocotrienols support brain health and help reduce stroke damage. This non-GMO oil also has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol. And, it is sustainably grown in Malaysia, so it is good for our environment. Malaysian sustainable palm oil deserves a place in your healthy lifestyle.

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Of course, it’s hard to continue with a food swap if it doesn’t taste good. Kids love Malaysian palm oil because it has a creamy texture, and it retains the flavor of food. I often put some of this healthy oil on brown rice for my own finicky eater.

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