MEDIA BUZZAs a chef, I have plenty of recipe ideas floating around my head. Many of them call for with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. It’s my goal to educate America’s next generation of chefs – and home cooks – about why palm oil is so great. That’s why it was fun to see my recipe for Baja Fish Tacos included on the cooking website Food52. The site is all about helping everyday people cook healthy, sustainable meals. Talk about a perfect fit!

Food52’s mission states, in part, “We believe that if you want to eat better, and you want to help change our food system, you need to cook.” I’m trying to teach the same thing by developing simple recipes made with sustainable ingredients.

When I traveled to Baja California from San Diego, I fell in love with the humble fish taco. While it’s a local staple in southern California, it’s not prepared as much in other locations. I thought it would be a perfect, easy recipe to spread to other communities, especially when prepared uniquely.

I paired my love for Malaysian palm oil with my passion for using sustainable fish species to create a one-of-a-kind Baja Fish Taco recipe. Malaysian palm oil is incredibly sustainable, and gets its beautiful red color from its plentiful carotenoids and tocotrienols, which adds neuro- and cardio-protective properties to your diet.

Food52 editors believe in applying the best aspects of today’s food movements to our everyday lives. Malaysian palm oil is in keeping with trending American diets because it is naturally trans fat-free, non-GMO and certified sustainable. I am honored to be included among Food52’s contributing recipes authors, and excited to have the editors help me introduce this healthy, sustainable ingredient to even more American consumers.

taco recipe made with Malaysian palm oil

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