Move over Thai food! The next big trend among America’s foodies may be Malaysian cuisine. In her feature article, Malaysian: The next big flavor trend?, Food Navigator USA Senior Correspondent Maggie Hennessy writes that a survey of 1,200 chefs listed Malaysian cuisine among the top three trending flavors for 2014. The survey was conducted by the National Restaurant Association. The trend could mean that heart-healthy, sustainable Malaysian red palm oil will soon be found in even more restaurant kitchens as well as home pantries.

Malaysian cuisine is infused with influences from China, India and Southeast Asia. This is a largely untapped cooking style here in the U.S, blending familiar flavors with the more exotic. Without the heat associated with some Asian cooking styles, Malaysian cuisine combines such spices as turmeric, cumin, chilies, cardamom and coriander with aromatic seasonings including curry, tamarind, ginger and lemongrass. And of course, it relies on Malaysian red palm oil.

Malaysian red palm oil has been consumed for more than 5,000 years. It is a staple in many parts of the world, and has begun to appear in more U.S. kitchens largely because of its health benefits. Professional and amateur cooks appreciate its versatility: It has a neutral flavor and can stand up to high heat without breaking down. It is cholesterol-neutral, naturally trans-fat free and non-GMO.

Renowned Chef Gerard Viverito has raved about Malaysian palm oil’s health and culinary attributes. He has toured the U.S. teaching people how to prepare delicious and simple meals with Malaysian palm fruit oil. He has also created several recipes that satisfy the American palate, and are simple culinary adventures for your dinner tablC:\Users\Robin\Documents\Media Relations\Content Development\Malaysian Palm Council\Feb 2014\Chef Gerard Viverito has toured the countrye.

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More traditional Malaysian cuisine recipes can be found on via Asian Food Channel, which has been airing a 12-segment series called Back to the Basics. Episodes are filmed in Malaysia and feature celebrity chef Martin Yan. The show is produced in collaboration with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council.