MEDIA BUZZ: The start of grilling season gave me a good platform for educating Cincinnati TV audiences about the virtues of Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, including its nutritional value and environmental benefits. Viewers of Cincinnati’s Fox TV news and Good Morning Cincinnati now know why Malaysian palm oil is a good fat.

Now that it’s spring, I knew I could grab Cincinnati audiences’ attention by talking about how to avoid common outdoor grilling mistakes. By far, the most common grilling mistake I see is how people use fats and oils in marinades. It’s critical to choose an oil that is not heat sensitive and that has a high smoke point. Olive oil is great but it breaks down in high heat, becoming carcinogenic and bitter. Canola oil also folds under high heat. I’ve traveled the world, and once I discovered Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, I’ve been a strong advocate of its use.

The anchors were surprised to discover that Malaysian certified sustainable red palm oil’s rich color comes from its high amount of vitamin A. Palm oil is also a good source of tocotrienols, which are good for brain and heart health.

My favorite aspect of Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is its sustainability. As a chef, I’ve built my platform on discovering and using sustainable foods. They are healthy for the environment, wildlife and our bodies. Sustainable food producers care about their workers’ standard of living. Sustainable foods help minimize the carbon footprint and maximize food security.

Malaysia sets aside more than half of its land for conservation. It preserves orangutan habitats. Additionally, the Malaysian palm oil industry has lifted family farmers out of poverty while creating a carbon sink rather than a carbon footprint.

I love getting the opportunity to speak to media outlets about healthy, sustainable foods such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. That goes double now that grilling season is here because I can share my sustainable eating tips with audiences everywhere while spending time in front of the grill, something everyone loves to do.

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