MEDIA BUZZ: For several years now, I’ve been on a mission to encourage Americans to prepare more of their meals with Malaysian sustainable palm oil. So I jumped at the at the opportunity to discuss this fabulous oil with Minneapolis’ CBS viewers. For this interview, I got to explain the benefits of marinating with palm oil for backyard grilling.

I gave these Minnesota viewers much the same the advice I shared recently on TV in Texas and also during an Oregon radio interview: Consider using Malaysian sustainable palm oil as the foundation of this marinade. This is a wonderful way to protect them from forming potentially carcinogenic compounds. Add in your favorite spiced (the more the better; they’re naturally antioxidants) to help round out the meal and your summer diet.

I’m all about sustainable products and Malaysian palm oil delivers on that front. Sustainable foods are healthy for the environment, wildlife and our bodies. Sustainable food producers care about their workers’ standard of living. Sustainability is about minimizing the carbon footprint and maximizing food security.

Malaysia sets aside more than 50 percent of their land for conservation. They preserve orangutan habitats. Malaysian palm oil is also non-GMO and naturally trans fat-free. The Malaysian oil palm plantations have a carbon sink instead of a carbon footprint. The industry has lifted family farmers out of poverty. And as one of the world’s most consumed edible oils, palm oil is truly helping to feed the world.

Malaysian sustainable palm oil’s benefits extend beyond the environmental and wildlife conservation. It also adds nutrition to whatever you’re eating. Its beautiful red color comes from an abundance of vitamin E tocotrienols and vitamin A carotenoids.

But back to marinating. A lot of people marinate their proteins in olive oil before grilling. Over-heating olive oil can cause it to break down into dangerous carcinogens. Plus, your food will probably taste rancid. Better to use an oil that will stand up to high heat, such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil. It’s got a nice buttery texture, it’s filled with healthy nutrients and it’s good for the planet. I’ve posted some of my favorite recipes on

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