palm fruit oil

Palm fruit oil is a key ingredient in Chef James Porter’s Light Asian Stew

Palm fruit oil is great for high-heat cooking! A local Arizona food icon, Chef James Porter has worked in renowned restaurants across the country and enthusiastically uses palm fruit oil to create his Light Asian Stew. By far, his favorite feature of this oil is its ability to hold up during high-temperature cooking. While wonderful to use in many other recipes, palm fruit oil is particularly ideal for searing and simmering, as in Chef Porter’s dish. After heating clams and scallops, Porter concocts a glaze and adds other ingredients such as mushrooms, shrimp and lemon grass. He then simmers this mixture, prepares a garnish and sears spider crabs before combining all the elements for a tasty Asian meal. Chef Porter also raves about the great color and flavor palm fruit oil gives foods as well as its huge nutritional value. Among other health benefits, this cooking oil won’t raise your cholesterol and contains essential antioxidants, beta carotene and tocotrienols.

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