For some stops on his media tour, Chef Gerard Viverito prepared a dish of halibut over salad with vinaigrette – and he used Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil, a healthy oil, in each component.

Let’s take a look at how Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil makes this dish a star:

  • Malaysian palm fruit oil gets you in and out of the kitchen quickly! Unlike olive oil, it can tolerate high-heat cooking so your fish sears in just a few minutes. Both are also brain foods. Fish is a rich in omega-3 while this oil provides an abundant source of tocotrienols, a form of Vitamin E that may help limit neurological damage should you ever have a stroke.
  • Look at that beautiful color – red Malaysian palm fruit oil takes its orange-red hue from powerful beta carotene. You’ll be more likely to eat healthy foods when they look like a treat!
  • Cooking with oil doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Malaysian palm fruit oil is naturally trans-fat free and won’t raise your cholesterol. You can still enjoy a velvety sauce with this heart-healthy oil and a thicker base such as tomatoes.

This recipe was featured on Let’s Eat Kitchen (WNYT Albany, NY), Sacramento & Co. (KXTV Sacramento, CA), AM Northwest (KATU Portland, OR) and ABC 7 News (WLS Chicago, IL).

Chef Gerard Viverito did a great job explaining functional ingredients – ways to incorporate healthier choices into your favorite recipes. He also has another call to action: increase your awareness of sustainability. His organization PassionFish educates consumers about sustaining their health, the environment and even their wallets with better choices. We’re happy to report Malaysian palm fruit oil is harvested sustainably, and it’s an affordable pantry staple.

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