Showing off the ingredient’s versatility, Chef Gerard Viverito used Malaysian palm fruit oil, a healthy oil, as a marinade for his fish and in his tomato pan sauce.

Malaysian palm fruit oil has a much higher heat point than olive oil so it works well for searing meat. The oil’s pleasant but not overpowering taste makes it good choice in sauces.

Beyond sharing a recipe, Chef Viverito appeared on the segment to discuss sustainability and sustaining yourself. Malaysian palm fruit oil harvesters are committed to eco-friendly practices. This oil also helps sustain your body with nutrients such as Vitamin E tocotrienols.

Malaysian palm fruit oil comes in two forms. The white oil is solid at room temperature, but don’t confuse that with the maligned palm kernel oil – the scourge of movie theatre ‘buttered’ popcorn years ago. Both forms of Malaysian palm fruit oil are non-hydrogenated and naturally trans-fat free. The red palm fruit oil gets its vibrant color from beta carotene.

Thank you Chef Viverito for sharing the delicious ways to use Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil – and for educating us on health and sustainability.

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