non-GMO Malaysian palm oil

Detroit listeners may now start using non-GMO Malaysian palm oil

MEDIA BUZZ: Choosing non-GMO foods should be a high priority for everyone. The good news, as I told Detroit’s WLQV listeners, is that there are wonderful oils such as  non-GMO Malaysian sustainable palm oil, which can be part of a healthy, everyday diet. Palm oil is a safe and nutritious alternative to many of the more common GMO cooking oils.

One thing I like to teach people is the benefit of consuming saturated fats. These have been demonized so much that it’s led us into this quandary where we’re making all of these oils, like GMO corn oil and soybean oil, which are highly refined and pro-inflammatory. Everybody wants to eat those because they are scared of saturated fat. That was the wrong advice then, and it’s the wrong advice now. The truth is that saturated fats such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil are as healthy as the day is long, as I also explained to Southern California ABC viewers.

In one fell swoop, you can make better diet choices and avoid GMO foods. All vegetables, berries and nuts are normal foods in the American diet. They are all unprocessed and good for you. The next step is an oil change, and not the kind you purchase for your car. We need to stop using all these high-inflammatory vegetable oils we’ve been told to use, and start restoring the position of good, healthy saturated fats such as non-GMO Malaysian palm oil.

By switching to Malaysian palm oil, you are not only aiding your health, but also the health of animals. I love animals, and there are countries where they deforest in order to produce the palm oil, and orangutan habitats get destroyed. That’s not happening in Malaysia.

That’s why I always look for Malaysian sourced red palm oil. Its red color comes from its rich carotenoid and tocotrienol amounts. These compounds have outstanding health benefits in addition to being GMO-free.

It’s time to make a switch. Oils such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil are the starting point for a healthier, non-GMO diet.

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