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Experts say Malaysian palm fruit oil is an ingredient for a healthy brain

We read a lot about eating to save our hearts or waistlines, but what about our brains? During TV interviews, several highly qualified experts including Drs. Shawn Talbott, Felicia Stoler and Jonny Bowden have included Malaysian palm fruit oil in their recommendations for a diet that supports a healthy brain.

Did you know that the brain sucks up roughly 20 percent of your daily calories? It makes sense that providing your brain cells with the right kind of nutrients may help it to function properly.

Brain-friendly foods include:

Chocolate: According to the USDA, cocoa powder contains antioxidants that that are thought to help prevent stroke, as well as cancer and heart disease.

Palm fruit oil: Try swapping out your vegetable oil, which is high in inflammation-causing omega-6s, for Malaysian palm fruit oil. Federally funded studies have shown that the tocotrienols found in Malaysian palm oil may help to protect your brain’s sensitive nerve cells, limiting the damage if you have a stroke and helping accelerate recovery of function loss.

Blueberries: This fruit has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants, which help guard our bodies against age-related diseases.

Eggs: Egg yolks are rich in choline, an essential nutrient to improving memory function. As we age, our body’s natural choline output declines, and its neurochemical action weakens. You can eat choline-rich foods to increase your production of acetylcholine, which will improve your brain power.

Fatty fish: Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated in the brain, and appear to be important for cognitive (brain memory and performance) and behavioral function.

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What food may be the most potentially toxic to the brain? Renowned brain expert Daniel G. Amen, MD cautioned in a Huffington Post column that sugar may negatively affect mood, memory and cognitive performance.

Felicia Stoler is a member of Media Relations Inc.’s panel of highly respected third-party experts. She is compensated to express her own professional opinions, through the media, about certain products.


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