This is more than just the month of romance, it’s also the American Heart Association’s Heart Health Month. We paged through our recipes to come up with a delicious and simple three-course heart healthy Valentine’s Day menu. Each of these recipes, from renowned Chef Gerard Viverito – who specializes in sustainable cooking – calls for heart-friendly Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil. Enjoy!

Salad course: Winter Green Fortified Salad

This recipe, which uses winter greens, is a great alternative to a Caesar Salad.

Main dish: Chicken “Palm-atta”

A delicious chicken covered with palm oil sauce

Serve with a side of wild rice and a vegetable of your choice steamed with garlic and fresh herbs.

Dessert: Red Palm Oil Cake

This dense cake is a version of an olive oil cake from the Valpolicella region of Italy.

Chef Viverito has developed many other delicious recipes featuring palm fruit oil. Use these to expand your repertoire or experiment with using palm oil in your family’s recipes for a heart-healthy difference.



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