Instead of categorizing dietary fats as saturated or unsaturated, or whether they came from an animal or plant, consider whether or not they may be toxic to your health. While there are some fats he never recommends, Nutrition Myth Buster Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS told One Life Radio listeners, “Fat is a wonderful source of nutrition and energy … I’m all for a higher fat diet as long as that fat comes from good sources.”  He added, “I’m not a fat avoider. But I am a toxic fat avoider.”

Bowden described how any fat can be turned into a toxic waste dump if you cook it at the wrong temperature or use it the wrong way, and why the beef tallow and lard that restaurants once used for frying were actually healthier than the unsaturated fats used today. He also explained that most vegetable oils are so over processed that they have little nutritional value, and their high omega-6 content makes them very pro-inflammatory. 

Bowden introduced listeners to the benefits of red palm oil, explaining that it doesn’t cause heart disease and is rich in tocotrienols. He added that palm oil from Malaysia is sustainably sourced. “Malaysia is the environmental leader,” he reassured the audience. 

He described a “wonderful study done in Malaysia” that looked at how people eat in real life. Researchers evaluated participants’ diets and markers for heart disease risk factors. “They found that the amount of fat in the diet didn’t budge the needle on the risk factors. Do you know what did? The amount of carbohydrates! People eating higher carb diets were at higher risk for heart disease.”

Bowden told listeners, “We put a lot of blame on fat that doesn’t belong there.”

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