Deep-fried doughnuts, corn dogs, churros and fried chicken are the ultimate comfort foods. With that signature crispiness outside and light, fluffy inside, there couldn’t be anything better. Unless your deep-fried treat doesn’t come out the way it’s supposed to, of course. The secret to deep-fried perfection is choosing the right frying oil. 

Oil influences the quality and taste of deep-fried foods. The key is to use oils that are stable at high temperatures and resistant to rancidity. Here are three benefits for using heat-stable oils when frying:

  1. Your food won’t come out too greasy. When you fry with oils that destabilize at high heat, more oil gets absorbed into the food. The result? Greasy food that doesn’t taste great. Heat-stable oils such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil give you higher quality, better-tasting food. Plus palm oil has the added benefit of healthy nutrients such as carotenoids & Vitamin E.
  2. You get the crispy taste and texture. Rancidity, which occurs when oils are exposed to oxygen, can cause foul odors and affect the taste of your food. Because Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil has high levels of vitamin E antioxidants, it won’t turn rancid as easily. Oils that break down during frying can also reduce heat transfer, affecting the texture and crispiness of your finished product. 
  3. Heat-stable oils speed up kitchen cleanup. Have you ever noticed that some oils seem to stick to your  walls, cabinets and appliances? The mess from these so-called volatile oils can be tricky to clean. Plus, that gummy mess is responsible for those unpleasant fried-food odors that tend to linger after cooking. Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil has fewer volatile compounds, meaning your kitchen will be a lot cleaner and smell a lot better after frying.
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The whole point of deep-fried food is getting that perfectly crispy layer without too much grease. Oils that remain stable at high temperatures are more likely to produce the right taste and texture, without extra time spent cleaning your kitchen.

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