In this highly unusual year, why should Halloween be any different? This year, a rare blue moon will be visible throughout the world on Halloween night! (Cue the howling werewolves.) Halloween finally falls on a Saturday in 2020. And here in the U.S., revelers will get an extra hour of sleep because we’ll be turning our clocks back at 2 a.m. the next day. 

But what’s on most parents’ minds for this spooky holiday in 2020 is safety. Here are five fun tips for protecting kids, pets and yes, even orangutans and elephants, this Halloween. 

  1. Use a plastic grabber shaped like a skeleton or robot hand to distribute prepackaged goodies to trick-or-treaters. Watch the little ones’ eyes get big when you open the door and a creepy hand pokes out! Maintaining social distance has never been so much fun. 
  2. Go wild with your candy choices. Treats made with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil help to fund the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) saving the lives of orangutans, elephants and other native species in the rainforest, and also helping to protect their natural habitats. “Our Wildlife Rescue Unit works tirelessly to ensure animals’ survival in their native habitat. And Malaysia’s sustainable palm oil industry provides substantial funding for our programs. On behalf of our country’s orangutans, elephants, sun bears and other wildlife, we thank every American consumer who purchases Halloween candy made with certified sustainable palm oil,” says WRU Manager Nathan Sen, DVM. Choose candies made by companies such as Kellogg’s, Hershey, Mars, Nestle, Kraft, PepsiCo, Ghirardelli and Lindt that are committed to using sustainable palm oil
  3. Choose your furkids’ costumes wisely. Dressing up your pets for Halloween makes for some great social media photo ops, but stay away from costumes made with choking hazards or that could cause an expensive trip to the emergency vet if they chew on it. And keep curious pets away from candy bowls, which are another risk for Halloween night pet emergencies.  
  4. Channel your inner mad scientist. Keep kids entertained safely at home by transforming your kitchen into a spooky lab and stocking it with the makings for vampire slime and rice cereal treats to be decorated like Frankenstein.
  5. Consider reverse trick-or-treating. Instead of your kids going door to door, organize a parade of cars to drive through your neighborhood, tossing out treats to costumed children waiting safely in their own front yards. Make the holiday extra spirited by ensuring everyone in each car is also dressed in costume. 

Some families plan to teach kids how to make stovetop popcorn made with Malaysian palm oil then watch Halloween movies. But if your little ones are too young for a scary movie marathon, consider driving through a neighborhood that goes all out with outdoor Halloween decorations. While this year’s celebrations may be unique, there’s no reason why they can’t still be memorable!

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