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Nutrition expert tells CBS news viewers to use healthy tropical oils

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS says the diet we’ve been told to eat may be the reason we’re diabetic, obese and at-risk of heart disease. The nutrition myth buster visited the set of Salt Lake City’s 2 News at Noon to set the record straight on foods we should eat, and what we should avoid. He told the CBS viewers that he’s working to redeem the reputation of healthy fats. Instead of highly processed oils, he suggested that viewers use healthy tropical oils such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil.

Low-fat diets are on the decline because studies have shown little reason to avoid saturated fats. “Research is redeeming the reputation of some of the fats that we have demonized for all these years. Everybody knows that fish oil is a good fat,” said Bowden, author of the book Smart Fat. “But the oils that we’re cooking with – these corn oils – these are processed, horrible oils that contribute to inflammation. We need to redeem the reputation of good healthy fats like eggs and butter. Inflammation is a culprit in every major degenerative disease. Every single one.”

Bowden suggests switching to previously maligned tropical oils. “I love palm oil,” said Bowden picking up a bottle of the naturally orange-tinged oil. “It’s very healthy. All this red is from the carotenoids and the tocotrienols, and all the good stuff that’s in there. The problem is, it has a bad environmental rep, but if your source it from Malaysia, it’s sustainable.”

He suggested using Malaysian sustainable palm oil for high-temperature cooking, such as searing fish. “It stands up to heat very well. It doesn’t form any kind of carcinogenic compounds. It’s just a great oil. We should be switching away from all of these corn oils and soybeans oils and cottonseed oils and safflower oils. All of these high-omega-6 oils have been processed within an inch of their life. They don’t even have any color left in them,” Bowden said. He pointed to a bottle of Malaysian palm oil and said, “This is real food.”

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