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Naturopathic physician reveals a better oil for the paleo diet

The paleo diet is getting an increasing amount of attention lately. Many people are seeing the benefits of eating more like the way of our distant ancestors. If you’re joining in on this health movement, or just making food choices that are better for your health, consider Malaysian sustainable palm oil. There are many reasons why this often forgotten oil – at least in this country – is a wonderful, non-GMO oil for the paleo diet.

  1. Palm oil has a long history, and it grows in harmony with the environment. Paleo folks are focused on eating in ways that are both traditional and sustainable. Palm oil has fed the world for 5,000 years, and it is the oil of choice in many parts of the world. It’s also the world’s most land-efficient oil crop. In Malaysia, it is grown in harmony with their wildlife and rainforests.
  2. It’s an almost decadent ingredient. If you want a richer, more buttery texture to your food, without changing the flavor, palm oil is a healthy addition. There’s no need to shy away from this ancient oil if you see it on the label. We also need healthy fats such as palm oil for our brain, our skin and our sexual health.
  3. It plays a role in weight loss. Fats aren’t the enemy when you’re trying to lose weight. We need fats to feel good and to absorb essential nutrients, and for satiety. It’s more important to have quality fat versus no fat. Malaysian palm oil has healthy nutrients, such as beta carotene and vitamin E tocotrienols. It also helps you feel satisfied so you’ll be tempted to eat less. This sustainable oil is part of a sustainable weight loss program.
  4. It’s heart healthy. People who are excluding tropical oils because of their saturated fat content will be happy to hear that dietary consumption of cholesterol doesn’t affect your blood cholesterol levels. Palm oil actually helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Plus, it’s naturally trans fat free.
  5. It stands up to heat. The paleo diet is protein heavy. Palm oil is a fine partner for searing as well as baking. It won’t lose its nutritional benefits or become toxic at high temperatures. It’s among only a small handful of oils, including butter, which can handle heat. You can’t cook with olive oil. You’ll kill its health benefits.
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