Chocolate lovers rejoice! Valentine’s Day is an excuse — is one really needed? — to savor your favorite candy. Thank sustainable palm oil for chocolate’s smooth and creamy texture, shiny appearance and that familiar snap when you break off a bite. 

More companies — including favorites such as Kinder, Ferrero, Mars and Nestlé — use sustainable palm oil in their iconic recipes. Palm oil improves consistency, remains solid at room temperature — a melted truffle isn’t nearly as satisfying — and prevents softness when other ingredients such as fruits, nuts and milk are added.

On Valentine’s Day, it’s also appropriate to note that palm oil fits nicely into a heart-healthy diet. Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil has a healthy balance of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, is non-GMO and has a neutral effect on blood cholesterol, similar to olive oil.

Chocolate lovers looking for eco-friendly options can feel good about palm oil as an ingredient. Malaysia, one of the world’s largest palm oil producers, has a national mandate that all its palm oil is certified sustainable through its MSPO program. 

So, if you’re sweet on your health and the welfare of our planet, indulging in seductively rich chocolate made with sustainable palm oil this Valentine’s Day is a guilt-free way to celebrate the holiday.

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