MEDIA BUZZ: In every print and digital article lately, reporters and editors are open to my discussing the benefits of non-GMO Malaysian sustainable palm oil. Sure, I could launch into a discussion about how the Malaysian palm oil industry is saving orangutans – which is absolutely true – but I know one of the best ways to educate readers about this nutritious, environmentally friendly oil is by making it relevant to them. Since it’s summer, I decided to focus on healthier and safer summer grilling.

In my Cleveland Call and Post article, I explained why marinating with Malaysian sustainable palm oil helps families avoid exposure to the dangerous carcinogens. These may form when you overheat other oils such as olive oil. Plus, I described palm oil’s nice buttery texture, and the fact that it’s filled with healthy nutrients and it’s good for the planet. To further encourage readers to try it, I invited them to browse through some of my favorite recipes on

When LifeZette Online asked me for my favorite healthy grilling tip, I suggested that marinating grilled foods in a mix of Malaysian sustainable palm oil and spices (which are natural antioxidants) can also add flavor and cut down on fats from added sauces.

And for an interview with Natural Solutions Magazine, I got to team with nutrition myth buster Jonny Bowden to bust some myths about cooking oils. This magazine’s readers are always looking for healthier, natural and more nutritious ways to live. So it was fun to dispel some of the misinformation about Malaysian palm oil and point out some truths, including the fact that Malaysians are excellent stewards of the native wildlife.

Summer is almost over. I’ll be coming up with creative new ways to introduce home cooks as well as America’s chefs to this important cooking oil. When you buy Malaysian sustainable palm oil, you are doing your part to support your family’s health and the welfare of our planet.