MEDIA BUZZ  If an American reporter is compiling a list of ingredients that smart consumers need to keep in their pantry, there is a good chance that Malaysian sustainable palm oil is included. The nutritious and environmentally friendly cooking oil is getting a lot of attention from coast to coast.

  • In Los Angeles, Splash Magazine wrote that, “nutrient dense palm oil delivers the trifecta: It is non-GMO, naturally trans fat-free and environmentally friendly.” The popular lifestyle magazine, which included Carotino in its food and beverage gift guide, stressed Malaysian palm oil’s sustainability. “It requires less than one-tenth the amount of land as other oil crops. And the Malaysian palm oil industry has some of the world’s best environmentally friendly agricultural practices. When it comes to the oils used as ingredients in your packaged foods, the type of oil and its origin matter. Smart shoppers are choosing brands made with palm oil, and food manufacturers are choosing sustainable palm oil from Malaysia.”
  • The Jackson Free Press included Malaysian palm oil in their hidden superfoods lists. The article’s author, board-certified nutritionist Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, praised palm oil’s nutritional profile. “I love this rich oil which is red because of its high carotenoid content. It’s also a pretty good source of tocotrienols which are part of the vitamin E complex,” he wrote.
  • The Milwaukee Courier told readers they could feel good when feeding their families Nutella made with sustainable Malaysian palm oil. The chocolate-hazelnut spread made their sustainable foods list. The article explained that these planet-friendly foods help, “the world’s farmers provide safe, nutritious and affordable food while respecting your natural resources and developing your community.” The author appreciated that palm oil is non-GMO. The article also noted that oil palm plantations provide homes for native animals such as orangutans, elephants and sun bears.
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