MEDIA BUZZ: TV hosts in Sacramento, California were fascinated to share some of the benefits of Malaysian sustainable palm oil in some of their recent shows. Beverly Yates, N.D. toured many of Sacramento’s television news stations to debunk the myth that all fats are bad for you. Fats such as the kind found in Malaysian palm oil can add a lot of nutrition to one’s everyday diet.

Her first stop was an appearance on ABC news, where Yates told the anchors how fats work to keep the body healthy. “Certain fats are essential for the brain and the nervous system,” she said. “Kids are growing and their brains are developing. We’ve got to give them good, quality foods that they’ll actually eat.” The interviewers also asked about red palm oil’s rich color. “It comes from the beta-carotene,” Yates explained. “It also contains substances that are on the labels of some supplements, such as tocotrienols and tocopherols.”

On FOX news, Yates was asked about a smorgasbord of food items she brought to illustrate her points. Yates explained that there are easy ways for you and your kids to consume healthy fats. “You can use things like Nutella and Smart Balance. Those contain foods like Malaysian palm oil,” she said. “It’s responsibly produced, GMO-free and trans fat-free. A lot of people avoid certain oils because they think they have trans fats. This doesn’t.”

Viewers of Sacramento’s CBS Good Day morning show also learned how Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil supports the environment. “It’s responsibly harvested and sustainably produced, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the environment,” Yates said. “In the case of Malaysian palm oil, they’ve done a great job of being responsible with the environment.” This interview also aired on Sacramento’s KBCW.

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