Sherry Torkos appeared on KXTV’s Sacramento & Co. to discuss the benefits of a healthy oil such as Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil and even hinted at ways it may offer advantages beyond olive oil . Sherry explained that:

  • The vibrant red-orange color isn’t the result of artificial coloring. Like carrots, palm fruits are an abundant source of the antioxidant beta carotene.
  • Though it’s nutritionally similar to olive oil, Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil maintains health benefits in one dissimilar way. The oil can be used at a higher heat point without damaging the beneficial compounds in it. Use it to stir fry veggies!
  • Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil is becoming a popular ingredient in a variety of our everyday foods such as margarine and peanut butter. Sherry showed lots of tasty treats for easy ways to double your Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil intake.
  • According to research funded in part by the National Institute of Health, Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil may offer some protection against brain injury. This oil contains tocotrienols, a natural form of vitamin E that may help protect your brain’s sensitive nerve cells, possibly limiting the damage caused by a stroke and helping to accelerate recovery of functional loss.

You can find Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil in most health food stores. It can easily be a substitute for butter, vegetable oil and olive oil in the dishes that you already enjoy. If you are feeling a little adventurous in the kitchen, many online recipes are also starting to feature Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil.

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