This post was originally published on May 23,2017 and updated on June 5, 2020.

Old habits can be hard to break. If you’re still stocking up on low-fat yogurt and fat-free pretzels, it’s time to put down your pager and get with the times. Healthy fats, such as the kind in nuts, seeds and tropical Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, are an important part of a healthy diet. There’s a chance you may not be consuming enough of these good-for-you fats. This may affect your health and your waistline. Keep reading to determine if it’s time to modernize your eating habits.

1. You struggle to drop pounds because you are always hungry.

If you’re constantly craving a snack, adding more foods containing healthy fats to your diet may help you gain control of your appetite. Dietary fats contribute to satiety, or the feeling of being full. Registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler explains why this tactic can help you shed pounds: “By having some fat in the diet, one can cut their calories while eating foods that don’t leave them hungry, which is often a challenge with most weight loss programs.”Nutella, healthy fats

Try this: Dip apple slices into creamy Nutella. This sweet treat contains healthy, satisfying hazelnuts and Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

2. You are tense, and always feel like you need a nap.

When you are stressed and binging on unhealthy foods, your body’s inflammation level may increase. This signals the brain that you are fatigued and depressed, according to nutritional biochemist Shawn Talbott. He says reducing your inflammation level may help you feel more energized and improve your mood.

Try this: Instead of reaching for coffee or an energy drink, grab a snack made with healthy fats. Look for products made with palm oil instead of soybean, corn and sunflower oil, which have five times more inflammatory omega-6s than palm oil.

3. Your skin is dry and stressed.

Fat-containing foods have essential fatty acids which nourish your skin from within. And antioxidant-rich healthy fats, such as flax seed and avocados, help fight oxidative stress which may prematurely age your skin.

Try this: Boost your tocotrienols intake by choosing palm oil-containing foods or supplements. According to holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos, tocotrienols are, “a super-potent form of vitamin E that actually fight UV damage.”


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