Quick medical attention and careful supplementation may be smart choices for those concerned about stroke damage. A new cohort study published in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that rapid treatment of transient ischemic attack (TIA), also known as mini-stroke, may reduce the risk of recurrent stroke and cardiovascular events by as much as 50 percent when compared to traditional treatment methods. Previous research has shown that a diet which regularly includes vitamin E tocotrienols may help keep the brain enriched and more prepared to defend itself, particularly for people at a high risk of stroke.

Timely TIA care may reduce the risk of additional strokes
This recent five-year clinical follow-up study, called the TIAregistry.org project, evaluated the one-year risk of stroke among 4789 patients from 21 countries. Sites included in this study had systems dedicated to urgent evaluation of patients with TIA. Researchers used ABCD2 scores, a clinical prediction tool to determine stroke risk following a TIA.

This study shows that the recurrent stroke and vascular occurrences may be reduced by half if urgent medical attention, such as medication, is given to TIA patients. According to the statistic from the US National Stroke Association, approximately 23.2 percent of the stroke patients experience recurrent strokes each year.

Tocotrienols may help your brain recover from damage
Tocotrienol supplementation has been shown to protect the brain from stroke damage. “Those who are looking for a natural remedy to mitigate the risk of recurrent stroke or to protect neuron cells from TIA, may consider EVNol SupraBio – a patented bio-enhanced full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex. EVNol SupraBio has been scientifically shown to attenuate the progression of white matter lesions, which is associated with incidence of TIA.

“White matter lesions are independent precursor to TIA and stroke. This study on white matter lesions was published in the prestigious American Heart Association’s journal, STROKE. In a series of NIH-funded studies spanning over the past 15 years, researchers at the Ohio State University Medical Center show that tocotrienols from EVNol SupraBio work through multiple molecular checkpoints mechanism to protect neurons from stroke-induced injury,” said Regional Product Manager, ExcelVite Inc. Bryan See.

How to choose a tocotrienols supplement
EVNol SupraBio guarantees an increased absorption of each of the tocotrienol isoforms by up to 300 percent when compared to regular tocotrienol extract, thereby achieving therapeutic level at a lower dosage of supplementation. EVNol SupraBio tocotrienols have been clinically shown to be effectively absorbed and distributed to vital organs such as the brain. “EVNol SupraBio is the most bioavailable tocotrienol complex in the market,” added See.