MEDIA BUZZ Registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler surprised viewers of the syndicated morning show Eye Opener when she suggested they use Malaysian palm oil instead of olive oil when grilling. Stoler explained that viewers’ summer dining habits – even the ones they think are really good for them – may not be as healthy as they think. Olive oil is a healthy oil, but it just can’t handle the heat. “So a good substitution is Malaysian palm fruit oil,” she said.

Stoler used Carotino palm fruit oil in this TV appearance. Carotino was also recently featured on Chicago’s WGN news, as well in Kansas City, Minneapolis and Sacramento. “What I really love about it is it’s loaded with antioxidants,” said Stoler. Malaysian palm oil is nature’s best source of vitamin E tocotrienols which experts have touted as a natural super vitamin. Tocotrienols have 40 to 60 times the antioxidant power of the more common vitamin E form.  

Malaysian sustainable palm oil doesn’t need to be reserved for summertime barbecues. “It can be a good swap out for butter in recipes,” she said.

Malaysian sustainable palm oil has been featured on several other recent TV segments about summertime dining. Three different Sacramento, California TV stations invited board-certified nutritionist Jonny Bowden to talk about using Malaysian sustainable palm oil instead of inflammatory vegetables oils such as soybean and corn oil.

Felicia Stoler is a member of Media Relations Inc.’s panel of highly respected third-party experts. She is compensated to express her own professional opinions, through the media, about certain products.