Today’s guys are different than their fathers. Instead of toting around a bulky pager, we have slim smartphones. And, online fantasy football leagues have revolutionized the weekly football pool. But it’s not just technology that has changed. We were pleased to see Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS tell Good Day Sacramento viewers that Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is the oil of future. In a segment about helping men age gracefully, Bowden said palm oil is rich with nutrients to support men’s skin-, heart- and brain-health.

Bowden’s secret to maintaining youthful vigor and appearance: “It is what we take out of diet, what we put into our diets and how we help our cellular energy,” he said.

Bowden suggests eating foods closer to how they are found in nature. “First thing we want to do is take out the trans fats,” he said. “Don’t trust those product labels that say ‘zero trans fats’. Look at the ingredients. If it lists ‘partially hydrogenated oil’, it has trans fats.” Partially hydrogenated oils are the primary source of harmful trans fats. Trans fats are the by-product of the industrial process used to create this oil. Misleading labeling guidelines allow manufacturers to claim zero trans fats even if a product contains up to a half gram of the artificial ingredient per serving. “That is going to age you,” said Bowden. “Trans fat consumption increases your risk of stroke and heart disease.”

Bowden suggested using a more natural, healthier oil. “This is the oil of the future, Malaysian palm oil,” he said picking up a bottle of red palm oil. “See that red color? It is all the antioxidants, carotenoids and tocotrienols in there. It’s good for your heart and good for your brain.”

When asked if palm oil is good to cook with, as well as use on salads, Bowden nodded enthusiastically. “My wife makes everything with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.” Not all palm oil is created equal. “This palm oil is responsibly sourced from Malaysia,” he said. Malaysia follows good agricultural practices and limits oil palm plantations. The country has kept its pledge to maintain at least 50 percent of its land under forest cover. When you choose Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, “there is no problem with the environment,” explained Bowden.


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