It’s funny how dietary trends work. Some of today’s most trending foods are items that people wouldn’t have even considered eating just a few years ago. Some foods such as chia and quinoa, are foods we just weren’t aware of – or could even pronounce – a few years back. Others such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil, we mistakenly put aside due to health concerns. When I appeared on Good Day Colorado, I offered advice on why these trending foods deserve a place in a healthy lifestyle.

  • Chia: There’s good reason why these seeds are no longer reserved for growing those funny-looking pets. Sprinkling chia seeds onto your food is a great way to get more fiber, something nearly all of us need.
  • Quinoa: This grain is one of today’s most popular foods. Replacing pasta or rice with quinoa can help boost your fiber and protein intake.
  • Malaysian sustainable palm oil: In the 90s, people were concerned about their movie theater popcorn containing palm kernel oil. That’s different than the palm oil that is gaining popularity today. Palm kernel oil comes from the seed of the palm fruit; palm fruit oil comes from the fleshy part of the fruit. Palm oil is really a superfood. It’s non-GMO, rich in vitamin E tocotrienols and naturally trans fat-free. It also withstands high temperatures and is sustainably grown and produced. Malaysian sustainable palm oil is in a lot of foods that we already eat, such as Smart Balance spreads, Luna bars and Nutella.
  • Kale: This green was once primarily used as garnish, but now we know it packs a nutritional punch. It’s rich in vitamins A, C and K and is another great source of fiber.
  • Dark chocolate: This chocolate is more bitter than milk chocolate, but offers a nutritional advantage. High-quality dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and minerals. It’s also loaded with sugar, so this popular food should be consumed in moderation.
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