Is your family stuck in a Chinese- or Italian-food rut? During his appearance on CBS’s Good Morning Arizona, Chef Gerard Viverito showed the audience a simplified way to enjoy one of the world’s top trending cuisines: Malaysian food. His recipe for Curry Laksa, made with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, is both delicious and nutritious. It’s a great way to take your family on an international culinary journey without leaving home.

Having traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, Chef Gerard was happy to explain Malaysian cuisine to host Jared Dillingham. While commenting that Lonely Planet ranked Curry Laksa as the world’s second-best food experience, Chef Gerard grabbed a bottle of bright, red Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. He explained that oil palm trees live for 30 years and can be harvested every three months. “One of the reasons I love this dish is because 50 percent of {Malaysia’s} land is dedicated to sustainability.”

He also suggested getting kids involved in preparing this recipe. “Let’s make mealtime an experience, not a chore,” he said.

You may already have many ingredients for this recipe: chicken broth, coconut milk, shrimp, eggs, turmeric and cumin. Sambal is also an essential component in Curry Laksa. Thanks to the sriracha and hot-sauce boom, sambal is becoming well-known to many American cooks. It can usually be found in the international or Asian aisle of your supermarket. Sambal oelek, the most basic kind and the one most familiar to Americans, is typically made of red chilies, vinegar and salt. Its heat is comparable to sriracha, but sambal oelek has a slightly chunkier consistency. It also has a slightly more vinegar tang. If you can’t find sambal oelek, it’s okay to substitute sriracha.

Chef Gerard is passionate about cooking with sustainable and nutritious ingredients. He frequently uses Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil because it is naturally trans-fat free, cholesterol-neutral and made without chemical processing. It takes 10 times more land to produce the same amount of canola oil or soybean oil. Malaysia’s palm oil industry is also behind much of the country’s wildlife conservation.

Does experiencing a new culture from your kitchen sound like a tasty adventure? Then give Chef Gerard’s Curry Laksa a try. Or try one of these other recipes that feature Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

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