MEDIA BUZZ: I love when the media asks me to bust some food myths. That’s why I was so excited to share my knowledge with the hosts of The Simple Kitchen on Portland, Oregon’s KPAM radio. They asked me about finding hidden healthy foods, such as non-GMO Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, to add to their listeners’ everyday diets. I was happy to oblige!

I told listeners that most people have the wrong idea about what’s actually healthy and nutritious. When the hosts asked for an example, fats came to mind first. As I’ve been telling audiences across America, fats have been wrongly demonized. The research is showing that choosing fat-free or low-fat foods doesn’t work, and it’s bad for your health. Hopefully we’re beginning to turn that around, and we’re starting to get some of the good saturated fats back into our diet.

These saturated fats have numerous benefits. And they do not cause heart disease, nor are they even associated with it. I’ve got a desk full of studies from the last five years that prove that! I told my Portland hosts that we need to start thinking about some good, healthy saturated fats instead of the pro-inflammatory soybean, canola and corn oils.

I brought up my love for Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. It’s a big, rich red oil that gets its color from beta-carotene. It’s also got vitamin A and tocotrienols, which are great for the brain. I also made sure to mention Malaysian palm oil by name on the air. This is because I love animals, and Malaysia does not harm the environment or animal habitats when producing palm oil. The country protects its forests. Malaysian palm oil is sustainably produced. As soon as I was done talking, the radio hosts immediately asked where they could pick some up (which is at most ethnic food stores)!

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