Here’s another reason why you can trust Malaysian palm-based phytonutrients. ExcelVite, the only GMP-certified producer of tocotrienols, has just earned a top award for its safety and quality. This IKM Laboratory Excellence Award 2015 (Malaysian Institute of Chemistry’s Laboratory Excellence Award 2015) is reassuring to anyone who wants to choose only the best quality palm-based phytonutrients.

The award is presented by IKM, Malaysia’s professional regulatory organization responsible for ensuring the integrity of laboratories operating in the fields of health, safety and the environment. ExcelVite’s laboratory earned the Excellence Award based on its robust quality system, technical competency, the accuracy of its test results, and the safety and health features in the workplace.

Palm-based nutritional supplements are an investment in your health. But we’re all getting more careful about which products we select. If a manufacturer doesn’t adhere to strict quality and safety standards, the end product may not be very effective. ExcelVite is among the top manufacturers that meet and exceed international quality and safety measures.

Audit conducted
Skim Akretasi Makmal Malaysia (Malaysian Laboratory Accreditation Scheme, Departments of Standard, Malaysia) performed an audit of ExcelVite and certified that its lab achieved international accreditation standards (ISO/IEC 17025). The certification specifically highlighted ExcelVite’s competency for testing for palm-based phytonutrients including tocotrienols and carotenoids. Both nutrients have been shown to have multiple health benefits.

This award further demonstrates ExcelVite’s commitment to best laboratory practices by its personnel, and its high-end, state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to the accurate analysis of ExcelVite’s products.

Award is one of several quality measures
Peer recognition is one way to measure quality. Another is GMP, which stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

“Our success in obtaining the IKM Laboratory Excellence Award underscores ExcelVite’s untiring efforts in achieving quality goals,” commented ExcelVite CEO WH Leong.

He added that ExcelVite is committed to excellence in all aspects of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. The company’s best-known palm-based phytonutrient products include EVNol SupraBio, a bioenhanced full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex; EVTene, a mixed carotenoids complex; and EVRol, a phytosterol complex.