When you prepare meals for your family, you probably use wholesome, nutritious ingredients which are affordable, and give your recipes the taste and texture your family enjoys. Many food manufacturers take those same qualities into consideration when choosing ingredients for their commercial products. Palm oil outperforms many other fats in these qualities. And in Malaysia, the oil is sustainably grown and produced. This is why many food manufacturers prefer Malaysian sustainable palm oil for their spreads, snack foods and other packaged products.

Food technology expert Kurt Berger has more than 50 years of experience researching the quality, function and application of food ingredients. Over the years, he’s found people to be unduly suspicious of this unfamiliar ingredient. This, however, changed when they learned the advantages of this healthy, non-GMO fat.

Baking with Malaysian sustainable palm oil
Cakes, pastries and biscuits need a semi-solid fat if they are to have that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Many manufacturers once used partially hydrogenated oils in recipes; however, the chemical process produces unhealthy trans fats. “Palm oil is semi-solid at ambient temperatures, melting at 35° C, when all other major vegetable oils are liquid,” explains Berger. Instead of partially hydrogenating vegetable oils, Berger suggests a more natural choice: palm oil or a palm oil blend. “In many cases this may also be more economical. These blends are entirely free of trans fats.”

Frying with Malaysian sustainable palm oil
Most of us enjoy the satisfying crunch of fried foods. Palm oil and palm olein – the more liquid fraction of the oil – are particularly good for frying because they are less likely to become unstable after prolonged exposure to high temperatures. “As a result they can withstand frying conditions very well and do not break down into toxic compounds,” said Berger. “Palm oil and its by-products are also used worldwide in the manufacture of instant noodles, doughnuts, frozen fried foods, etc. and for snacks like potato crisps.”

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Sustainability Issues
People are becoming more concerned about the source of their food and its effect on the planet. “Palm oil is now available with independent certification demonstrating that it has been produced in a sustainable manner without damage to the environment,” said Berger. “This addresses the concerns that some consumers have regarding forest conversion and greenhouse gas emissions.”

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