This year, Fox Morning News made it easier for concerned Houstonians to choose Halloween candy made with sustainable palm oil.  While discussing ways to “green up” the holiday, registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler gave viewers of Fox Morning News the brand names of some candy companies that use certified sustainable palm oil.

“Companies like Mars and Nestle use certified sustainable palm oil in their candy products. I go on a lot of farm tours. I’m so grateful … that I get invited to see how foods are made. I’ve been to Malaysia not once, but twice to actually see their production of palm oil and it’s sustainable. One palm tree produces [oil] for 30 years. So it’s amazing how many times they can keep using it,” Stoler told anchor and health reporter Melissa Wilson.

Here are some of Stoler’s other tips for enjoying a more eco-friendly Halloween.

  • “Think about perhaps giving things that come in boxes.” All those little plastic candy wrappers add up quickly when you consider that we will spend $3 billion on candy this year. Stoler suggested temporary tattoos that come in recyclable boxes, which may also be great for kids with food allergies.
  • “Don’t throw out your pumpkin when you’re done … roast your own pumpkin seeds. It is so easy to do and I love it.” You can do it not just with pumpkin, but any kind of squash. The seeds are full of protein.
  • “Swap your costumes with your friends.” Give something you wore one year to a friend to wear the next year.
  • Find decorations at local farmer’s markets and farm stands. The colorful ears of corn not only look cute, but they can be popped in the microwave for healthy snack after the holiday. Speaking of microwaves, I recently got a brand new one, after having read these reviews of built in microwaves. I feel that I’ve take a step in the right direction. Farm stand decorations such as gourds and dried flowers can be used for Thanksgiving and throughout the Fall. And you’re supporting a local business.

Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is probably already in your diet because it is an ingredient in many of our everyday prepared foods. Most of the palm oil used in the United States comes from Malaysia. The country has strengthened its commitment to sustainability by implementing a nationwide Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certification program. Achieving MSPO became mandatory as of 2020, and the country is working toward 100% compliance.

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Help yourself to a little chocolate this Halloween and feel good about going green!