If you are excited about all of palm fruit oil’s heart- and brain-healthy benefits, then you may be excited to learn that it is already an ingredient in many popular brands on store shelves. It may even be in your pantry right now! Due to its unique composition and healthier profile, palm oil is the natural choice for food manufacturers who want to avoid the use of trans fats, hydrogenated fats and more highly saturated animal fats.

Here’s just a sampling of products that contain palm fruit oil. Bring this list with you to the supermarket, so that you can make smarter choices as you re-stock your pantry.

• Smart Balance Buttery Spread Original

• Smart Balance Peanut Butter

• Carotino Palm Fruit Oil

• Nutella

• Balance Bar

• Clif Bar

• Enfamil Products

• Harmony Premium Trail Mix

• Harmony Yogurt Flavored Raisin Nut Mix

• Luna Bar

• Milk (various products may contain Vitamin A palmitate)

• Soy Milk (various brands)

• Power Bar

• South Beach Diet foods

Remember not to judge these foods solely on the basis of its saturated fatty acid content because palm fruit oil’s composition will not affect your cholesterol. It also has numerous health benefits. Many reputable scientists have conducted more than 80 research studies in order to help dispel these inaccurate myths and share the truth about palm oil.

If you would like to try high-heat searing, sautéing and baking with Malaysian palm oil look for the red oil in Whole Foods and your favorite local ethnic foods stores.

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Now you have more ammunition to help you shop smarter the next time you are in the grocery store.


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