The world’s largest palm mixed tocotrienol complex and palm mixed carotene producer, ExcelVite, is pleased to introduce EVTeneSem, a cold water-soluble natural palm mixed-carotene complex emulsion which serves as an excellent natural colorant for food and beverage applications.

According to Innova Market Insights, clean label is no longer a trend but a rule or requirement. Natural ingredients used in food and beverage products have become increasingly important because consumers these days demand transparency especially in food product ingredients. In fact, two of the major driving forces towards clean label norm is consumers’ behavioral change and expectation among the millennial generation.

In America alone, millennials represent one-fourth of the entire US population and the annual buying power in this generation reaches $200 billion, according to the latest statistics provided by Forbes. This consumer category is not only highly educated, technology savvy but also environmentally conscious. Therefore, millennials will favor companies that are committed to the transparency of its portfolio of products (i.e.: natural ingredients) and positive environmental impact.

“EVTeneSem is a cold water-soluble natural mixed carotene emulsion that is extracted and manufactured from sustainably-sourced red palm fruit. Unlike other beta-carotene in the market, EVTeneSem contains significant level of alpha-carotene and beta-carotene, together with other carotenes such as gamma-carotene and lycopene. These carotenes are naturally derived from red palm fruit. In fact, the carotenoids composition in EVTeneSem is the same as found in carrots. Hence, EVTeneSem is the only true natural mixed-carotene with highest level of alpha-carotene in the market. Not only that, EVTeneSem is also a good source of carotenes, antioxidants and pro-vitamin A that helps to prevent vitamin A deficiency and night blindness,” says Bryan See, regional product manager at ExcelVite.

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“If you are looking for a natural yellow-/orange-colored ingredient, EVTeneSem is your preferred natural colorant as it provides good color stability (ranging from light yellow to dark orange) with no “oil ring” issue. It is suitable for clear drink/beverage system without cloudiness. More importantly, EVTeneSem fits into the clean label culture that colors food and beverages naturally and nutritionally,” added See.

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