At Carotec we evaluate new products carefully because our goal is optimal nutrition rather than simply an expanding product line. We reject far more “new” product ideas than we accept. The Carotec Tocomin® Suprabio™ Palm Tocotrienols are obtained from a complex of phyto-tocotrienols extracted, concentrated and especially emulsified for optimal absorption by Carotech Bhd. (no relation) from Malaysian palm oil.

Incidentally, palm oil is the second most common vegetable oil produced in the world with 90% of it used for nutritional purposes.

Unlike other tocotrienol sources such as rice fatty acid distillates or palm fatty acid distillates, the meticulously extracted and patented Tocomin® process produces a unique, wholesome combination of tocotrienols, phytosterols, squalene, co-enzyme Q-10 and mixed carotenoids that work synergystically to confer the most effective health benefits. The patented Tocomin® Suprabio™ has been clinically verified to be well absorbed, meaning you get more of the nutrient while taking fewer softgels.

Carotec’s Tocomin® Suprabio™ Palm Tocotrienols contain 160 mg of palm derived tocotrienols, 50% concentration, per softgel. This provides 21.5 mg of d-Gamma tocotrienol; 5.6 mg of d-Delta tocotrienol; 11.7 mg of d-Alpha tocotrienol; and 17 IU d-Alpha tocopherol; 10 mg of plant squalene; and fractional amounts of naturally occurring alpha carotene, beta carotene and coenzyme Q-1, plus 50 mcg of mixed carotenoids.

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