Viewers of the CBS morning program Great Day San Antonio learned why they should get more good-for-you-fats such as certified sustainable Malaysian palm oil into their diets this fall. Registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler said that the palm oil found in many foods is nutritious and sustainably produced. She also pointed out that it’s already an ingredient in many popular foods.

Stoler talked about certified sustainable Malaysian palm oil’s benefits with morning show host Roma Villavicencio. She explained that having adequate dietary fat may help alleviate seasonal dry skin, while also giving you more energy.  

On her list of good-for-you fats is certified sustainable Malaysian palm oil. “You’ve eaten it,” she assured Villavicencio. “It’s in Smart Balance, it’s in Nutella … it is sustainably grown in Malaysia. It’s been a replacement for a lot of trans fats that were in foods.” Stoler added that red palm oil contains more beta carotene than carrots. “It also has something called tocotrienols, which are a very potent forms of vitamin E. The National Institutes of Health is funding research looking at [palm oil’s] neuroprotective properties; and we know that it is cardioprotective as well.”

Stoler told the audience that palm oil is available online and in ethnic grocery stores. In addition, it is an ingredient in many popular foods such as some microwave popcorns and candies.

Most of the palm oil used in the United States comes from Malaysia. The Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certification program ensures that all palm oil produced in Malaysia aligns with the country’s stringent sustainability policies. Achieving MSPO became mandatory as of 2020, and the country is working toward 100% compliance.

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Learn more! Your favorite peanut butter and non-GMO snacks may also contain certified sustainable Malaysian palm oil.   

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