This post was originally published on October 25, 2021 and updated on December 20, 2021.

Here’s a sustainable idea from Malaysia that North Americans can adopt! It concerns how we dispose of used cooking oil. It might seem quick and easy to pour it down the sink. Or maybe you pour it into a can and toss it in the trash once it cools or solidifies. But the Malaysians have a more sustainable way to get rid of it. 

Pouring used oil down the sink can clog your drain. The build up of congealed oil can also collect bits of food, eventually giving off funky smells in your kitchen. Worse, congealed oils can accumulate in your community’s sewer system by creating ‘fatbergs’ (think icebergs made of gooey fat). These fatbergs are known to block sewer pipes, leading to even bigger, smellier messes. Tossing your oil in the trash might seem like a better option, but that takes up landfill space. 

So if we shouldn’t pour leftover cooking oil down the drain or toss it in the trash, what is the sustainable way to discard cooking oil? This article published in PalmOilTV suggests that we follow these steps:

  • Pour your used oil into a sealable container. Tip: Reuse the container the oil was purchased in!
  • Place the sealed container in a sealable bag to prevent leakage.
  • Bring the used oil to a recycling center that accepts cooking oil. There are businesses that use it to make soaps, while others use it as a form of renewable energy.
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Encourage your neighbors to join in and start a neighborhood drum where everyone can discard their oil, then take it to a recycling center once full. 

You can even take your sustainability efforts to the next level by choosing your cooking oil wisely. Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is an eco-friendly choice for people who want to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. 

Nearly 90 percent of Malaysia’s palm plantations comply with stringent MSPO sustainability mandates set by the country. Using Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil means you are investing in an industry that cares about conservation and the environment. 

Practice sustainability by considering a new choice of cooking oil and dispose of used oil the right way!

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