Nathan Sen is a wildlife veterinarian and enthusiastic conservationist. His first job out of vet school was rescuing orangutans. Now, he’s sending the world a message of cautious optimism. In an article published in The 360 Magazine Sen describes the importance of the many proactive measures that Malaysia has taken to protect wildlife and the rainforests, both within and outside of its borders.

As the manager of Malaysia’s Wildlife Rescue Unit, and leader of the Sabah Wildlife Department’s new endangered species conservation unit, is a boots-on-the-ground witness to what’s happening. He is encouraged that Malaysian oil palm farmers and wildlife are peacefully coexisting. Orangutans are starting to use Malaysia’s palm oil plantations as their habitat. The article states, “If palm oil were to be banned, it would need to be replaced by less land-efficient crops. And as Malaysia has proven, palm oil production can be accomplished while protecting wildlife and forests.”

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