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Nutella and cancer

There’s no connection between Nutella and cancer

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet. According to some stories being circulated online, the beloved hazelnut spread Nutella contains cancer-causing ingredients. The misleading “news” claims Nutella’s palm oil – the ingredient which delivers the spread’s beloved smooth and rich texture – contains chemicals that are genotoxic and carcinogenic. Not so, says multiple […]

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palm oil

EmpowHER.com’s healing fats article includes palm oil tocotrienols

In her EmpowHER article, Fats that Heal: Fighting Cancer with Vitamin E in Tropical Oils, writer Lynnette Summerill delivered an in-depth report on Malaysian red palm oil’s powerful tocotrienols. Summerill interviewed Joseph Keenan, MD, one of the nation’s leading experts in nutritional supplement research and cardiovascular disease. Keenan offered his expert insights on palm oil-derived […]

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Steven and Chris website screenshot 4.30.2014 MPOC--Miller Blog

Natural medicine expert wows CBC Canada TV hosts with his palm oil revelations

Gallivanting around the world in search of the latest global remedies, alternative health expert Dr. Bryce Wylde stopped by the Steven and Chris Show to share the truth about Malaysian red palm oil. “Natural medicine is still very buyer beware,” Wylde cautioned. “My goal is to debunk the junk.” To accomplish his due diligence about […]

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