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Food shocker: Palm oil associated with improved cardiovascular health

Fife explains that about 90 percent of our cooking oils are genetically engineered seed oils. He contrasts this with palm oil which he describes as, “Probably one of the most nutritious oils we have available to us.” About 80 percent of palm oil imported into the U.S. is from Malaysia, where it is certified sustainable.

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Dr. Jonny Bowden asks Chef Gerard Viverito to bust cooking oil myths

It’s time to end the confusion about cooking oils! Nutrition myth buster Dr. Jonny Bowden invited Chef Gerard Viverito to join him for an informative discussion about which cooking oils are best for cooking and nutrition. Viverito, founder of PassionFish.org, specializes in sourcing and preparing high-quality, sustainable and healthy foods. He frequently uses Malaysian sustainable […]

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What really happens to your cholesterol when you use a cooking oil blend?

When consuming our regular diets, we would hardly eat 50 grams of fat in a single meal. If you had normal or mildly elevated cholesterol, this would the last thing you would voluntarily consume. However, a group of volunteers in Malaysia did just that to help researchers determine how various cooking oil blends affected their […]

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