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New food labels

Making sense of our new food labels

America, there are widespread changes going on within our food industry. Not since “low-fat” became a household phrase have so many of our favorite products been affected. These changes involve what’s inside the packaging and on the labels. Here are some of the highlights. New food labeling guidelines. By 2018, packaged food labels will have […]

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saturated fat and heart disease

Yet another study debunks saturated fat and heart disease connection

The study’s conclusion notes that the Dietary Guidelines must carefully consider the health effects of alternatives fats. Many American manufacturers are turning to Malaysian sustainable palm oil for a healthier alternative to trans fats. This versatile and non-GMO oil is naturally trans fat-free and rich in heart- and brain-healthy vitamin E tocotrienols. Palm oil is […]

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palm oil is a more natural choice

Why I told CBS News viewers that palm oil is a more natural choice

When I appeared on Fresno’s CBS News, I explained that trans fats are man-made. Your body just can’t break them down. Consuming them increases your risk of developing heart disease. Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a more natural choice. Not only is it good for your body, it’s good for the planet.

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