All-natural Malaysian palm fruit oil comes from the flesh of the palm oil fruit, much like olive oil comes from the flesh of the olive. Malaysian palm fruit oil is sustainably produced, and won’t raise your cholesterol. Palm oil is a natural, semi-solid fruit fat used in various food formulations. On a global scale, it is ideal as a non-GMO replacement for trans fats. Palm oil is stable at high heats, and is prized by food processors for its great versatility. It can be fractionalized into palm olein and palm stearin.

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misunderstanding of fat

Palm oil experts share concern over the world’s misunderstanding of fat

The PINC Conference is a venue for palm bioactive researchers to share their results with physicians, pharmacists, other researchers and the media. Palm oil, the world’s most widely consumed oil, is rich in vital nutrients such as tocotrienols, carotenoids and phenolics. Researchers are studying their effect on heart health, stroke recovery, immune health and cancer.

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palm oil sourcing

What is responsible palm oil sourcing? And why should you care?

Malaysia is a trusted supplier of sustainable palm oil because it adheres to the 3P model of sustainability: People, Planet and Profit. Malaysia’s highly regulated palm oil industry follows ecologically sound Good Agricultural Practices. This progressive Southeast Asian county has also followed through on its 1992 pledge to keep an astonishing 50 percent of its […]

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MSPO sustainable certification

More Malaysian oil palm farmers to get MSPO certification

Most of the United State’s palm oil supply comes from the progressive county of Malaysia where more than 40 percent of the oil palm planted area is tended by family farmers, also called smallholders. Once they attain MSPO certification, these Malaysian smallholders will join other Malaysian sustainable palm oil producers in filling America’s demand for […]

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