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Malysian palm oil is preferred

Malaysian palm oil is preferred by American companies

Malaysia is the world’s second-largest palm oil producer, and supplies its oil to companies worldwide. “About 90 percent of the palm oil that is used in the United States actually is sourced from Malaysia and nowhere else,” said Sundram, “because the American industry appreciates the quality, and the rigor of concerns and environmental practices that […]

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polyphenols, palm kernel oil

What are palm oil polyphenols?

Sustainable Malaysian palm oil is abundantly rich in molecules called polyphenols. That’s a term often associated with plant-based nutrition, but what exactly does it mean? Polyphenols are natural, plant-based chemicals that are known to have multiple health benefits. For example, the polyphenols found in sustainable Malaysian palm oil are natural antioxidants*. As noted in a […]

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Malaysian palm

Malaysian palm oil’s sustainability helps entire countries go greener

Palm oil is one of the world’s most important commodities. As populations look for the most eco-friendly choices, more attention than ever is being paid to sustainable Malaysian palm oil. Last month, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders made headlines around the world when he announced that his country imposes no restrictions on Malaysian palm […]

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Chef G

So simple! Chef G. describes why he’s passionate about the new Back to Basics cookbook and Malaysian palm oil.

Chef Gerard Viverito is excited about the new Back to Basic cookbook, which features fast, simple recipes and calls for responsibly sourced ingredients such as Malaysian palm oil. Available from Amazon.com, proceeds benefit the Malaysian Palm Oil Council’s Wildlife Conservation Fund. In this first in a series of videos, Chef G. discusses why he is […]

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“Get Healthy! With Natural, Powerful Antioxidants from Red Palm Oil – Tocotrienols and Mixed Carotenoids” seminar At Natural Products Expo West

The American Palm Oil Council and the Malaysian Palm Oil Board will jointly hold a red palm oil seminar (Dr Oz’s most miraculous find for 2013 to address the aging process) at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California on March 7, 2014. With the title “Get Healthy! With Natural, Powerful Antioxidants from Red Palm […]

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