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Super foods including Malaysian palm fruit oil may boost brain health

KARE 11 viewers learned from nutritionist Jonny Bowden that the full spectrum of vitamin E is complex. Tocotrienols, a particularly potent form of vitamin E, may even protect the brain and help it recover from stroke damage. The Rogue Nutritionist recommended that people increase their vitamin E intake by incorporating non-GMO Malaysian palm fruit oil […]

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Yes, Malaysian palm fruit oil is non-GMO

To answer an often asked question, Malaysian palm fruit oil is always non-GMO. Any improvement to the oil palm has occurred through traditional breeding selection techniques spanning across generations of oil palms. Genetically modified organisms, known as GMOs, are created using gene splicing technology, resulting in crops that could not occur through traditional crossbreeding. They […]

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Carotenoids in Malaysian palm fruit oil may protect the skin against UV damage

Surprising news about protecting skin from the sun’s UV rays implies that your diet may be as important as the SPF of your sunscreen. While in Malaysia for Palm Oil Nutrition Week, I attended a presentation by Dr. Michiaki Murakoshi, a leading researcher for Japan’s Lion Corporation. Dr. Murakoshi has spent years studying the effect […]

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