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The dual benefits of tocotrienols on bone health

Almost half of osteoporotic fractures occur in the Western Pacific region and Southeast Asia, highlighting the importance of Dr. Ima Nirwana Soelaiman’s presentation during Palm Oil Nutrition Week: “The Role of Palm Tocotrienols in the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis: In Vivo Studies.” With Europe and the Americas accounting for another 51 percent of these […]

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Tocotrienols from Malaysian palm fruit oil may slow cellular aging

I was excited to learn during Palm Oil Nutrition Week that the carotenoids in Malaysian palm fruit oil are one of two nutrients with skin-protecting properties. Dr. Suzana Makpol’s presentation entitled “Tocotrienols in Cellular Ageing Prevention: Evidence from Genes and Proteins Analysis” demonstrated that palm fruit oil’s tocotrienols may play an important role in slowing […]

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Top palm oil researcher dispels myths about saturated fatty acids and heart disease

One of my biggest “aha” moments during Palm Oil Nutrition Week happened when Wayne State University’s Dr. Pramod Khosla explained that, for the average population, saturated fatty acids such as those found in Malaysian palm fruit oil likely play a neutral role in heart disease. In his presentation “Health Effects of Palm Oil – The […]

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Tocotrienols may improve lipid profiles even during chronic kidney disease

Cholesterol management can be a major concern for people suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). This is why nutritionist and author Dr. Shawn Talbott, and alternative health expert Dr. Bryce Wylde, are excited to share news that tocotrienols from Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil may help these patients improve their lipid profiles. Talbott and Wylde attended […]

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Carotenoids in Malaysian palm fruit oil may protect the skin against UV damage

Surprising news about protecting skin from the sun’s UV rays implies that your diet may be as important as the SPF of your sunscreen. While in Malaysia for Palm Oil Nutrition Week, I attended a presentation by Dr. Michiaki Murakoshi, a leading researcher for Japan’s Lion Corporation. Dr. Murakoshi has spent years studying the effect […]

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Malaysian palm oil’s tocotrienols may minimize radiation sickness and damage

Move over Alpha Lipoic Acid! Tocotrienols may be the new antioxidant in town to help protect us against background-radiation and post-diagnostic scan damage. Independent senior research consultant Dr. K. Sree Kumar’s presentation during Palm Oil Nutrition Week dispelled some major myths about radiation. While many still believe that radiation’s damage to the body is unstoppable, […]

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Research suggests that tocotrienols may rival aspirin for stroke protection

Palm Oil Nutrition Week, sponsored by The Malaysian Palm Oil Council, drew attendance by some of the world’s top medical professionals and researchers including nutritionist and author Dr. Shawn Talbott, from the U.S. and holistic pharmacist and author Sherry Torkos from Canada. Both attended a presentation by Dr. Chandan Sen from Ohio State University, one […]

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