Palm oil is a natural, semi-solid fruit fat used in various food formulations. On a global scale, it is ideal as a non-GMO replacement for trans fats. Palm oil is stable at high heats, and is prized by food processors for its great versatility. Palm oil has a naturally healthy composition. The American Heart Association’s optimum fat blend ratio is 1:1:1. This is readily achieved by using palm oil as a major product component. Products such as Smart Balance leverage this magic. Overall nutrition is enhanced through palm oil’s ability to beneficially modulate LDL/HDL cholesterol ratios.

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Tocomin SupraBio

Webinar: Research Updates – Tocomin SupraBio (Palm Mixed Tocotrienol Complex) In NeuroProtection

Carotech Inc., the world’s largest and only GMP-certified natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol producer has launched a scientific webinar that delves into the latest tocotrienol research (Tocomin SupraBio) in neuroprotection against stroke-induced injuries and white matter lesions. With the assistance of Carotech, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) sponsors this on-demand webinar, entitled Research Updates […]

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lowering breast cancer risk

Woman’s World magazine includes Red Palm Fruit Oil in article on lowering breast cancer risk

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer. The deadly disease claims the lives of too many of our mothers, sisters and daughters each year. The good news is incidences of breast cancer have been dropping over the past decade, but we can’t stop there. News that products made with healthy palm oil […]

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