This is available as a cooking oil, in finished products and its nutrients are also available in supplement form. It is a solid fat, so does not have to undergo unhealthy hydrogenation. Red palm oil has more carotene than tomatoes or carrots, and more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil. The vitamin E tocotrienols derived from red palm oil have been shown to reduce neurological damage due to stroke. They may also enhance the speed of stroke recovery, and support the brain’s white matter health.

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healthy family meals include Malaysian palm oil

ABC viewers hear why my healthy family meals include Malaysian palm oil

Malaysian sustainable palm oil is nature’s richest source of vitamin E tocotrienols. This nutrient supports our brain health. Red palm oil is also rich in beta carotene. This powerful antioxidant is converted to vitamin A, another essential nutrient. Most of the United States’ palm oil supply comes from Malaysia. Its palm oil industry is a […]

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