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changing dietary guidelines

Information on changing dietary guidelines shared on NBC news

“There have been two major studies in the last four years that have shown that saturated fat has no relationship to heart disease. We have just been sold a crock of you know what,” said Bowden. “And what we’ve been doing is replacing these normal, healthy fats from real whole foods such as eggs, nuts, […]

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good news about fats

I’m spreading some good news about fats to CBS viewers

Nutritionists, dietitians and physicians around the world are trying to spread the word: What you’ve been taught about saturated fat and cholesterol is wrong. You do not need to avoid these foods. When I was a guest on Good Day Sacramento, I told the CBS viewers that saturated fats are fine to eat. I also […]

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Easy trick for avoiding poisonous aldehydes while frying and sautéing

Here’s an excellent reason for stocking more sustainable Malaysian palm oil in your pantry. Over-heated cooking oils, including sunflower and olive oils, can be far more toxic than trans-fats. That’s the subject of a recent article published by the American Oil Chemists’ Society. The authors warn that common polyunsaturated and monounsaturated cooking oils are unstable […]

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