Palm oil is also the world’s first and indeed only certified sustainable vegetable oil. Approximately 35 percent of the world’s palm oil is produced in Malaysia, where it is produced in compliance with Good Agricultural Practices and internationally recognized sustainability standards. Malaysian oil palm plantations are a net carbon sink. The industry also is actively involved with biodiversity and wildlife conservation, including through the establishment of the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund.

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Heart on EKG printout

CBS radio runs interview on sustainable Malaysian palm fruit oil’s role in maintaining healthier cholesterol levels

People motivated to manage their cholesterol through diet and exercise have a new ally. Nutritionist and author Dr. Felicia Stoler explained the details during an interview on the Health & Well Being Report with Pat Farnack. Washington DC listeners of CBS radio-affiliate WNEW were encouraged to pay closer attention to their nutrition and to incorporate […]

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Physician tells ABC News viewers about heart-healthy, sustainable Malaysian palm fruit oil

National Cholesterol Awareness Month was a great time for preventive cardiology expert Joseph Keenan, MD to dispel some of the most common low-fat diet myths. Appearing on ABC affiliate KSTP, Keenan reassured host Tom Durian that only trans fats, those modified by hydrogenation, should be avoided completely. Keenan recommends that people incorporate vitamin E-rich sustainable […]

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Expert travels to Malaysian to see how palm oil industry is protecting the environment

Worldwide alternative medicine expert, clinician, media personality and philanthropist Dr. Bryce Wylde recently traveled to Malaysian to study the effects of the country’s palm oil industry on the local rainforest and wildlife. In this video report, he addresses some of the most pervasive environmental myths and describes the many steps being taken by the Malaysian […]

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Expert causes a stir on The Dr. Oz Show, travels to Malaysia to set the story straight

Canada’s Breakfast Television audience was treated to quite a special report when Dr. Bryce Wylde made an appearance on the show. In January 2013, Wylde created quite a stir among environmentalists when he appeared on The Dr. Oz Show to discuss the many health benefits of red palm fruit oil. After fielding calls from citizens […]

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