The positive science and research supporting Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil continues to grow. We wanted this compilation of what we know about this healthy oil. It’s quite a list!

  1. Palm fruit oil has been a safe and nutritious source of edible oil for thousands of years.
  2. Palm oil and other derivatives from the oil palm tree are consumed worldwide as cooking oils, in margarines and spread, and as ingredients in other food products.
  3. Palm fruit oil is easily digested, making it an excellent energy source.
  4. Palm fruit oil is free of cholesterol and trans fats.
  5. Red palm fruit oil is a rich source of beta carotene and vitamin E tocotrienols.
  6. Palm fruit oil is rich in natural antioxidants
  7. Palm fruit oil has a balanced fatty acid composition which is important for heart health.
  8. Palm fruit oil provides essential linoleic fatty acids.
  9. Palm fruit oil does not contain the highly saturated fat found in palm KERNAL oil or coconut oil.
  10. Palm fruit oil has been the subject of many favorable nutritional studies.
  11. Palm fruit oil has been shown to be anti-thrombotic. Lab studies indicate that it has the potential to reduce the tendency for blood clotting.
  12. Numerous studies indicate that the tocotrienols present in palm fruit oil may have anti-cancer properties.
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